Blu Lite Smooth JaZz Radio

I am a R&B And A smooth jazz music Lover


Bio: My name is Robbie Fardel (Screen Name), from second life. And My Station is called BluLite Slow Jam R&B and Classic Soul with a touch of smooth jazz.

My career in radio started in 2005 in Arizona with a station Located in Washington DC on the Internet.

It was remotely controlled from different Dj's from around the country and one over sea's. I was assistant to the General Manager were I learn my craft. I have loved this music since I was a child growing up in Michigan.

Listening to everything radio played. But before getting into radio I was a Television Engineer for 8 ½ years.

Loving every minute of it. Then I quit and went to work as a Sound Man for different production company's. 

Then around 1993 I moved to Arizona. Trying to get back into TV stations but the doors would not open. So I started working with church's with there sound & video equipment.

By that time I started listening to Short Wave Radio.

I then got turn on to a very nice station called radio station on the Internet.

I e-mailed the owner about his station. And he called me back and we talk all about radio for over two hours.

It was a great conversation we had. I told him what I did for a living and he then wanted to know if I would manage his station.

I told him I never done that before, but he said don't worry I'll train you on the softwear.  But he had Two other dj's working with him all ready.

The names were (The late Ricky Hill) who had been a Dj all his life and his young grandson Jason Stone, (Still living), that young man who is very good with computers. Their was nothing Jason couldn't do, He help me also with the softwear as well. Thanks Jason so much for your help :-) 

So I told the owner  JJ, that's what we called him, I would work for him if he would have the other two Dj's train me.

And the rest is history. I became good at what I did and what I loved to do, The station is no longer on the Air, I've been trying to  get JJ to bring it back he keeps saying mybe someday. In the meantime that's how Blulite was born with the help of Mr. JJ. Thanks Boss, for your help, I'll try and keep the Old School R&B Blue Light on. 

And when Blu Lite hit the AIR on the Internet it's gone through a lot of wonderful music that even I had never heard before. There is so much old school R&B it will make your head swim. By the same artist you listen to everyday. The whole album is not being played by your local radio station.

There are some Internet station that are playing the whole album like myself, good music to. The Internet open the door for more of a variety of music from the same artist you listen to everyday that's what makes it so broad and wide, a lot of music you never heard.

This was my chance to play the kind of music I wanted to hear. And mix it up with a touch of some Smooth Jazz to.

Something that had never been done before.

Now don't miss understand me, rap is cool, but r&b is king along with some smooth jazz.  LOL.

I want to keep old school r&b alive.

I also grew up in the gospel music world, the (Soul Of Our Music)

I have a program called (The Weekend Gospel Mix) which airs every Saturday & Sunday @ 6am til 12 Noon mst.

So if you like that mix's try-out my station. I try to keep my play list current everyday.

Please Let your friends know about my Old school R&B Station.

(Remember to type it in the search engine). >> Blu Lite Smooth 

Jazz Slow Jams R&B.  

My slogan, 

(Your Listening to Slowjams R&B an Classic Soul, This Is Blu Lite

Where we Play just a touch of Smooth JAZZZZZzzzzz ).

                                                            ENJOY   :-)